Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Sony CX150 MTS to AIC and MKV at the same time

Export Sony CX150 60p MTS to AIC and lossless MKV at the same time

AVCHD is a format for the recording and playing back of high definition videos developed by Sony and Panasonic. However, the HD videos shot by AVCHD camcorders (MTS&M2TS) are not compatible with many editing tools and media players on Mac, which is a problem that puzzles me for a long time.

I am using a Sony HDR-CX150 to record full HD 1080/60p AVCHD MTS videos. What I am looking for is something that can export MTS files to various formats for the following purposes:

a) Convert and export AIC for editing on iMovie

b) Lossless export MKV to watch on WDTV Live

I tried many softwares but no one satisfied me most. Some can convert but the quality is too bad, others just cannot simultaneously export MTS to two different formats. I have to wait the completion of one format for another. Finally one of my friend recommended to me Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, which just as he states, helps me convert Sony CX150 60p MTS to AIC for iMovie and flawlessly export MKV for WDTV.

Following I would like to introduce the steps of export Sony CX150 60p MTS to AIC and lossless MKV at the same time.

1. Capture/Import Sony CX150 MTS to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac

To capture videos from camcorder, just connect Sony CX150 to Mac via a USB cable. Aunsoft Final Mate will launch automatically then. Follow the wizard and choose "import" to quickly capture video files from the camcorder.

To import from hard drive on Mac, just click the "Add a Path" button and browse the folder with AVCHD MTS files. The videos will lie in the Camcorder Tab or Resource tab then.

2. Create different movies for conversion lossless output

There are many ways to create a movie, here I would like to introduce one of them:

Right click the mouse in the Movies tab and choose the kind of movie you want to create. Drag and drop the video clips from the Camcorder tab or Resource tab to the new movie. The movies are then merged/joined into one.

3. Set export format and destination

When the movies for lossless output and conversion are both created and joined, it is time to set their export format separately.

Click the "Choose Output Profile" button of the one for conversion and follow this: iMovie and Final Cut Express>Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov). Then click the same button of the one for lossless output and choose MKV as its output format.

4. Export converted MOV and Lossless MKV simultaneously

When the output formats are set, click the "Export" button to make it export. The converted AIC MOV and the lossless MKV will be ranked in a sequence waiting to be exported one by one.

After the two movies are exported, you can import Sony CX150 videos to iMovie and watch on WDTV Live at the same time. Both the HD movies are hardly of any quality loss. And if you are interested in more information about video converter,maybe my blogs will be helpful.

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