Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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AVCHD to WMV--edit with Adobe Premiere for Sony HDR-AX2000E

AVCHD to Adobe Premiere Converter–Transcode Sony HDR-AX2000E M2TS to Premiere WMV

I enjoy editing HD videos on Adobe Premiere-splitting, cropping, adding titles or adjusting audios, it just makes me feel full and happy.

Last Sunday I shot many HD videos of Forest Zoo with Sony HDR-AX2000E and wanted to edit the HD M2TS videos on Adobe Premiere to make them into a PPT. The problem is M2TS videos are not compatible with Adobe Premiere, so I need a conversion tool to transcode them to WMV before importing to Adobe Premiere for editing. I went to Yahoo Answer for solutions and found the program named Aunsoft Final Mate is highly spoken of. I downloaded its free trial version and was surprised to see how useful it was to me. It successfully transcode Sony AX2000E M2TS to WMV for further editing on Adobe Premiere. I would be very glad to share the experience of converting Sony AX2000E M2TS to WMV for Adobe Premiere.

1. Import Sony HDR-AX2000E M2TS videos to Aunsoft Final Mate

Use a USB cable to connect Sony AX2000E to PC, Aunsoft Final Mate will auto run when it detects the camcorder. Follow the pop-up message and choose the import option to load M2TS clips from Sony AX2000E to the program.

If you have transferred HD M2TS videos from camcorder to PC, just click the "Add a Path" button to easily complete import.

2. Create a new movie for merging/joining and converting

Create a new movie for conversion. Drag and drop AX2000E M2TS clips from Camcorder Tab (import from camcorder) or Resource tab (import from PC) to the new movie. If you don't want to merge them into one, just create a new movie for each of the video you want to convert.

3. Set output format and destination

After creating and merging, it's time to set output format and destination. Click the Set format button on the right side of each new movie. You can easily choose Adobe Premiere (VC-1) (*wmv) among the options of Adobe Premiere. Then click the "Set Output Path" button to specify where to store the videos, otherwise you will take long to look for the WMV movies.

Tips: You can click the "Set parameters" button to set the detailed parameters of the output file.

4. Export WMV for Adobe Premiere

After setting the output format and destination, the videos are ready to be exported. Click the "Export" button under the preview window and conversion from Sony AX2000E M2TS to WMV starts immediately.

When the WMV videos are exported, just launch Adobe Premiere to browse the WMV videos, then you can edit Sony AX2000E videos on Adobe Premiere.

No matter make them to PPT or edit for better effects, just enjoy it.If you still have problems on how to get just video formats with a convert tool,you can visit my classroom for answers.

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