Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


Camcorder Video Files to iPhone--Convert MTS to Mp4

iPhone 4, the most popular mobile phone, is now accepted and owned by more and more people. The powerful little machine can almost work like a computer. Of course, this smart elfin makes our life more convenient. Fortunately, I have one. It just has perfect functions expect only one flaw: Most MTS videos shot with my different camcorders, such as Canon H100 and Panasonic TM900 can’t be broadcasted with iPhone as the format problem.

I need technical software to convert the MTS videos to MP4, which can be supported by my iPhone. Luckily, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac helps solve this problem. The following steps will show you how to operate.

1 Import

When this software runs, the wizard can easily help you to import the files from no matter the Mac or the camcorders. The 2 sources will be shown in the window.

2 Convert

This is the main step of the operation. As video files are chosen, drag and drop (A) them into the blank before you can choose the right format for iPhone when click the button B. Parameter can be changed with the function of button C. This picture will show you the step-by-step operations to complete the conversion.

3 Output

When video format was chosen and the parameter was set, choose the right path for output and click the button D to complete.

4 Enjoy

Videos are now converted to the suitable format. When exported to the Mac, you can connect iPhone with Mac and download the videos to iPhone via USB. With iTunes, export the new video to your iPhone. Now, just enjoy videos from camcorders.

Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac is always absorbed in making the perfect video convert tools for Mac users. Its twin sister Aunsoft Final Mate is designed for Windows users. What you need depends on the computer you own. If you still have other problems on video format-change for different devices, maybe you will be interested in my technical classroom of videos.

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