Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Burn MTS to DVD with Adobe Premiere--Lumix LX5 videos to Premiere MOV

Convert 720p MTS of Lumix LX5 to Premiere MOV for Adobe Premiere

Last Sunday, I shot many HD videos with Panasonic Lumix LX5 on my niece's birthday and wanted to burn the 720p MTS to DVD with the help of Adobe Premiere. The problem is that the 720p AVCHD Lite MTS format is not compatible with Adobe Premiere and I had to transcode them to Premiere MOV first. I tried several softweares and among these, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac satisfied me most. It successfully transcode 720p MTS of Lumix LX5 to Adobe Premiere MOV with the high quality kept. The next thing I would like to do is to introduce this perfect conversion tool and the steps of converting Lumix LX5 720p AVCHD Lite MTS to Adobe Premiere MOV to you.

1. Capture/Import Lumix LX5 720p MTS to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac

You can either capture videos from camcorder or import them from hard drive on Mac.

To capture from camcorder, just connect Lumix LX5 to Mac via a USB cable, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac will auto run when it detects the camcorder. Confirm the connection and follow the smart wizard to complete import.

To import from hard drive on Mac, just click the "Add a Path" button and browse the folder with AVCHD Lite MTS files.

2. Create new movie for merging and conversion

Create a new movie for conversion. Drag and drop the video clips from Camcorder Tab (imported from camcorder) or Resource Tab (imported from Mac) to Movies Tab. You can create a single movie for merging or create a movie for each video to be converted.

3. Set output parameters

After creating and merging/ joining, it's time to set output format and other parameters. Click the "Set Parameters" button and choose the output format: Adobe Premiere> Adobe Premiere MOV (AVC) (*mov). Then set other parameters below for exporting high quality MOV.

4. Export Premiere MOV for burning to DVD on Adobe Premiere

After setting various parameters, just click the "Export" button to set conversion from Lumix LX5 MTS to Premiere MOV to start. Wait for a few minutes and you are free to edit and burn Lumix LX5 720p MTS to DVD on Adobe Premiere.

My other suggestions about how to get the just video formats may be helpful to you.No matter what device you have,you can get answers you want.

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