Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Separate MTS to segments with Exact Frame

Frame Choice helps Split HD MTS Videos to segments more accurately
Separate MTS to segments with Exact Frame
I record the beautiful scenery of Forest Park with Canon R18 and the video is up to 3 hours. I need a software to separate it into four short segments and then edit on Adobe Premiere Pro. After Google search, I found Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac,which is said to be the best HD video splitter with frame accuracy.

Following I will share the experience of how to split HD MTS videos to segments with exact frame choice.

1. Import MTS files from Camcorder to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac
Connect Canon R18 with Mac, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac will run automatically when it detects the camcorder. Then follow the wizard to easily complete importing.
2. Split HD video according to frame
Drag and drop the MTS file to the movies tab. Double click it to view in the window, or you can directly fast forward to the point you want to split. Click "Switch view mode" and the frames of that time are displayed in the time line.
The frame in the middle is usually the one with the highest definition. Scan the frames and choose from which one you want to split. The function to Cut video with exact frame helps cut HD videos to clearer segments.Click that frame and click "split", the movie will be split into two. Continue playing the movie and repeat the above process when you want to separate it. You can also delete the frame you don't like when splitting.

3. Copy and delete HD video to four separate segments
After the movie is split into four parts,duplicate the movie to four copies. Click the first copy, choose one of the segments you want to remove at the time line, click the "Delete selected clip" to delete it. In this way, only one segment is left.
Use the same method and the other three movies can also be cut into only one segment. A whole HD MTS video is separated into segments then.

4. Convert MTS to Adobe Premiere Pro
Click the set format button on the right side of each segment, choose Adobe Premiere>Adobe Premiere MOV (AVC) (*mov) as their output format. Click the "Export" button and the four converted segments from one HD MTS movie will export Premiere MOV (AVC) (*mov) for Adobe Premiere simultaneously.
Hope this video splitter with frame accuracy will help you enjoy splitting videos with the highest quality.

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