Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Backup and Convert-Save Time for MTS files to FCP X

Meantime backup and convert videos to save time for editing on FCP X

With Panasonic HDC-TM900, I shoot lots of videos.I'd like to Backup/Copy HD video to Mac for later editing on FCP X. But it is terrible as the files are so large.I really don't like wasting so much time on waiting for the conversion and storing. Is there any software who can Backup HD MTS Video in the Backstage,at the same time,import and Trancode MTS on Mac?

It made me so excited when meeting such a great
Meanwhile Backup and Converting Tool
which was called Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac. I would like to share my experience about how to Backup HD Video to Mac and Convert MTS to ProRes 422 for FCP X on Mac Simultaneously with Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.

1. Connect Panasonic HDC-TM900 with Mac for backup
Connect TM 900 with Mac, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac will run automatically when detects the camcorder. Then you will face a popup window asking for connect confirmation. Just click “OK” to continue.After that, the program will show the multiple storage mediums of your camcorder. Double click a video to preview in the preview window on the right.Click “Next” and then choose “Backup” to start Backup HD Video to Mac.

2. Import MTS from Mac to the program for converting
Click the “Add a path” icon on the main page and add the storage path of your MTS to the program. The MTS you transferred to Mac before will display in the resource tab then.

3. Create a new movie for conversion
Create a movie for conversion. Drag and drop one or several MTS videos from the Resource tab to the blank movie. You can preview by double click.

4. Convert MTS files to ProRes 422 for FCP X
After a new movie is created, click the little icon on the right side to set its output format-Final Cut Pro> Apple ProRes 422(HQ)(*mov).Then click “Export” to complete the conversion.

When converting MTS to Apple ProRes, Final Mate for Mac may conduct or even complete the backup. It really saves a lot of time.

5. Import ProRes 422(*mov) to FCP X
After converting MTS files to ProRes 422, launch FCP X. Click the “File” icon on the top left of the window and choose “Import”, browse your Mac to select ProRes 422(*mov) to FCP X. Then enjoy editing ProRes 422 on FCP X.

Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac can also help you merge and flawlessly export MKV from MTS.And more information about video-format-convert will be showm in my own classroom.

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