Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Convert Sony HDR-SR12 AVCHD MTS to Sony Vegas Pro 8 with model wmv codec

Recently I have purchased a Sony HDR-SR12 and Vegas Pro 8 bundle from B&H. When I transferred some HD video, AVCHD to be specifically, to my PC for editing in Vegas 8 Pro I get a "format not supported" error. I just couldn't believe it! If Sony Vegas Pro 8 can not handle 1920*1080 AVCHD videos whey B&H sell the two as a bundle in the first place?

I'm all new to video stuff and editing as well, I just need a simple solution to help me import SR12 AVCHD files to Vegas Pro 8 successfully. I've tried Picture Motion Browser PMB for my editing purpose as someone suggested on some forum, but the software crash so often that I can barely get it to work. From some threads on creativecow, I tried out a program called Aunsoft Final Mate as a MTS to Sony Vegas Pro Converter, which is exclusively designed assistant software for HD camcorder users proclaimed by its developer Aunsoft Studio. Honestly speaking, I'm very happy with the result. As far as I can tell, converted videos from Sony SR12 AVCHD 1920*1080 M2TS videos to Sony Vegas WMV(VC-1) format work smoothly on Sony Vegas Pro 8 and there is no degradation of picture quality from naked eyes.

Besides that, Aunsoft Final Mate also allows me to
merge all my AVCHD video clips into one single file
on a timeline basis, which have saved lots of time for me.

I recommend this product for people who have similar problems with me about AVCHD importing to Sony Vegas Pro 8. At the same time, try not buy the Sony SR12 and Vegas Pro 8 bundle. Trust me. It's not a happy experience. : )

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