Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


Convert/Put Quicktime Videos to H.264 MP4 for Android Phone on Mac

"I downloaded many video tutorials of StarCraft II, they are all .MOV format and I can use Quicktime to play them on Mac. However, I'd like to watch them on my Atrix 4G which is Android OS v2.2. I knew that Android OS could not support .MOV and I tried many video players for Android like rockplayer, mpcplayer, but none of them was able to play my videos."

If you want to play most of your videos on Android Phone, like Atrix 4G ,HTC EVO 4G ,Samsung Galaxy S .etc. I recommend Aunsoft Android Phone Video Converter for Mac .It does not only convert your videos to mp4 for Andorid Phone on Mac OS X, but also compress the HD videos , crop the source materials width to fully fill the screen with no distortion or pillar box on your Android Phone .

Follow below steps to get playable videos for your android phone.

Step 1. Load Quicktime MOV/AVI videos to Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac.
While the Qucicktime MOV/AVI video files are ready on PC hard drive or external hard drive, run Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac as the best Quicktime video to Android Phone converter and click the "Add" button to import the video files for conversion. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the video files to the converter.

Step 2. Choose MP4 video format.
Please select suitable format like Android - Motorola Droid X H.264 Video (*.mp4) for your Motorola Droid X as the output format for conversion. With Android Format, you also can choose Google Nexus One MP4 , HTC Droid Incredible MP4, HTC Supersonic EVO 4G MP4, HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 Touch) MP4 , HTC Legend MP4,  HTC Touch Pro MP4, Samsung Fascinate MP4  for Android Phone.

Step 3. Set Size,Bitrate for get high quality.
Click “Settings” to set the Video/Audio Parameters like Size (resolution), bitrate, frame rate, etc to be more suitable . For example Samsung Galaxy S : Set Size/Resolution to 800*480 pixels.

Step 4.  Convert Video to MP4 for Android Phone.
Click "Convert" in the File menu. After a successful and fast conversion, you will get your converted  Android Phone (*.mp4) files and put them in Andorid Phone for enjoyment.

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