Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Deinterlace and Convert Sony AVCHD Camcorder Videos to M4V for QuickTime Pro

I have a question on block artifacts that I get when I try to deinterlace a movie made with a Sony AVCHD camcorder. I first repackaged the original .MTS file from the camcorder into an .M4V container using ffmpeg. This allows me to play the movie using QuickTime 7. (In order to hear the audio, an AAC codec is also required by the way.) If I try to deinterlace the movie, I get block artifacts. I tried several settings and various output formats, but to no avail so far. Maybe I am missing something obvious?

Some free software like ffmpeg, tsmuxer, etc can be used as AVCHD Converter or Remux tool, but for they can not guarantee whether the output audio is in sync with the image, and the most importantly, 1080i interlaced AVCHD files can not be showed more clearly after repackaged. Now I will introduced an useful and powerful Mac Sony AVCHD Converter and Deinterlacing Tool, which can help you deinterlace Sony AVCHD camcorder videos perfectly and convert to H.264 AAC M4V for playing on QuickTime Pro.

For preparation of this conversion, connect Sony AVCHD Camcorder to your iMac or Macbook via USB cable and transfer Sony MTS recordings to hard drive.

Step 1. Import Sony 1080i MTS files to Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac.
Drag and drop MTS video files from hard drive to this software. And another way is clicking "Add" button to accomplish this importing. Batch video files are allowed to loaded, you can join several video files into big one by ticking the checkbox of "Merge into one file"

Step 2.Choose H.264 AAC M4V output video format.
Click "Format" option and select Common Video > MPEG-4 Video (*.M4V) as the output format. In this way, M4V video file will come out with video codec of H.264 and audio codec of AAC recommended by QuickTime Pro.

Step 3. Edit & deinterlace 1080i Sony AVCHD MTS files.
Click "Editor" button beside "Add" and you are allowed to do some editing here by clicking editing options, like cropping unwanted parts and trimming video length. In the "Effect" section, tick the checkbox of "Deinterlacing" and interlacing 1080i footage can be removed perfectly.

Step 4.Start this 1080i Sony AVCDH MTS to H.264 AAC M4V conversion and deinterlacing.
Hit the big "Convert" button and this Sony AVCHD to QuickTime Pro M4V Converter for Mac will deinterlace and convert your 1080i Sony AVCHD MTS files to M4V rapidly.
After a few minutes, H.264 AAC M4V video files are ready for you to play with QuickTime Pro.

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