Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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The steps to direclty copy Blu-ray M2TS files to your workstation with no quality loss

When you start to use Moyea Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, you will find many great functions like the capability of reading Blu-ray and DVD discs, of decrypting Blu-ray discs protected with AACS and BD+, of preserving all Blu-ray/DVD video and audio tracks and all meta-information (track language, audio type), of converting Blu-ray/DVD movies and other popular videos (including HD videos, TV shows, flash videos, etc) to other format with high quality and so on. However, you know that every time you reencode a video file, there is some or less degradation on quality. So if you want to keep pristine quality of your Blu-ray M2TS files, there is a wonderful and often forgotten function like Directly Copy to help you. Many users would like this function, for it can let you quickly backup the Blu-ray M2TS files to your workstation without losing any quality, so why not use it now? The steps to direclty copy Blu-ray M2TS files to your workstation with no quality loss? Step1: Download, install and start up Moyea Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate. Step2: Load Blu-ray disc into the program. Then load Blu-Ray disc or Blu-ray IFO file into the program by clicking Load DVD—Load Blu-ray Folder or Load ISO/IFO button in the main interface. (Blu-ray ISO image is temporarily not supported.) Step3: Check wanted Blu-ray (*.M2TS) files for directly copying. Do you find lots of Blu-ray (*.m2ts) files in the filelist? If you don't want to copy all these M2TS files and just like to select some segments for backup, please right click on any one file, you could see a right-click menu including Uncheck All, hit it and then you can easily select the ones you want to have a backup. No need to unselect the checked Blu-ray M2TS files by default one after another. Step4: Select the output format Copy—Directly Copy and choose the destination folder. For you just want to copy Blu-Ray M2TS files or single Blu-ray M2TS file you selected to hard drive or your workstation, you only need to click the triangle icon of "Format" to select Copy—Directly Copy as output format. Then click "Folder" button beside Output to choose the output path you want to put the copied Blu-Ray files. Step5: Start to copy selected Blu-Ray M2TS files to your workstation. Finally, please click "Convert" in the main interface. After a successful conversion, you could get the native copied Blu-Ray M2TS files and enjoy with pristine quality. It is so easy, only three steps, you can copy the Blu-Ray M2TS files to your workstation with original Blu-Ray effect. If you want to learn more information, please visit: Directly copy Blu-Ray M2TS files.

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