Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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How to Import MKV into Final Cut with Best Settings

About Final Cut Final Cut Express is a less expensive version of Final Cut Pro as professional non-linear editing software. Final Cut Pro was integrated as part of Final Cut Studio from 2006 and Final Cut Express is a stand-alone product for video editing. Final Cut works with QuickTime-compatible file formats like AIFF, MP3, WAV MPEG, DV AVI, and the QuickTime file format MOV. Ways to import MKV into Final Cut MKV is the Matroska media container to hold video, audio, picture, subtitle tracks. We can see that MKV format is not listed as the compatible format for Final Cut. What to do, if you get some MKV videos and want to edit in Final Cut? Well, the final file shall be in QuickTime-compatible format. The preferred format for Final Cut from MKV is MOV. One way is to re-encode the original file to MOV, while it is also possible to remux the original file data to MOV. To re-encode the MKV video to MOV format, we can use MKV converter, and use the original video and audio bit rate, sample rate, frame rate, size for keeping the best quality. To remux MKV to MOV, we shall pay attention to the video codec and audio codec. As no encoding is required, the original file data is directly copy to the new file container, avoiding the quality loss. However, different file format supports different codec, and H.264 and Xvid are mostly used for MOV as video codec, and AAC as audio codec. The best settings to get MOV for Final Cut A great video converter shall include the settings like original bit rate, sample rate, etc to convert MKV to MOV. Changing the file extension manually from .mkv to .mov is not to remux the file, thus, we also need a tool to finish the task. It shall display the properties of the original file to see if the source MKV file includes the required codec for MOV. Moyea MKV Converter for Mac is the right Mac application for importing MKV to Final Cut with best settings. After loading MKV to the application, you can easily choose the output format as MOV, and specify the detailed settings like bit rate, sample rate, frame rate to be original. You can also have a look at the MKV file properties with codec information. If the video codec is H.264 or Xvid, and the audio codec is AAC, you can remux MKV to MOV with the application with the remux profile. Keeping the original settings or original file data is the best way to use videos in FCE and FCP. Welcome to comment.

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