Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


Convert TiVo Videos to iPad MP4

How to convert TiVo for iPad on Mac? To solve this problem, you need to transfer TiVo to your Mac and then convert them to iPad mp4 format with TiVo converter. With our recommended software, you can convert TiVo to iPad mp4 by yourself fast and easily! How to convert TiVo to iPad mp4 step by step This guide has 3 parts: Parts 1: Transfer TV shows from TiVo to Mac Parts 2: Convert TiVo to iPad MP4 Parts 3: Sync MP4 to iPad Parts 1: Transfer TV shows from TiVo to Mac To transfer TV shows to Mac, you need to download TiVo Desktop Software for Mac Parts 2: Convert TiVo to iPad MP4 After you transfer TiVo files to your Mac, you can convert them to iPad mp4 format. First of all, download TiVo to mp4 converter and launch the application. Then follow the steps below: Step 1: Import TiVo files to TiVo Converter Enter Media Access Key for your TiVo files from "Option" button and then load TiVo files to the TiVo converter. When your TiVo is connected to your home network, TiVo Desktop provides you with a list of available shows for transferring to your Mac. Hints: TiVoToGo Transfers system requirements: TiVo Series2 DVR, TiVo software version 7.1 or later, TiVo Series2 box must be connected to your home network using a wired or wireless USB network adapter. Step 2: Edit TiVo files Editing functions are available by clicking "Editor" button in the menu bar. You can crop, trim, add text/image/video watermarks, replace audio, add special effects, etc. you can check "Apply to all" to apply the present settings to all the TiVo files. Step 3: Choose iPad MP4 output format After you finished editing, you then choose output format from "Format" drop-down list and specify the format under iPad profile among the three options. Step 4: Convert TiVo to iPad MP4 Click "Convert" button to start converting TiVo to iPad mp4. Check "Merge into one file" to join all TiVo files to one output mp4 file before start conversion. Parts 3: Sync MP4 to iPad After converting your TiVo to iPad format, you will get mp4 file(s) in destination folder. Then you need use your iTunes to transfer the mp4 file(s) to your iPad device. You may refer to the help document of your iTunes to learn how to do, or you may follow the steps below: 1. Connect your iPad to Mac. And then launch iTunes. 2. Click "File->Add File to Library...." to choose the generated mp4 file 3. Drag the videos you just added to iPad icon. Now you are free to enjoy your TiVo recordings wherever you go.

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