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Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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The Last Blu-Ray and DVD Ripper You'll Ever Used

We've always spent several hours looking for a Blu-Ray or DVD decryption tool, a Blu-Ray or DVD Backup tool, a Blu-Ray or DVD Ripper/Converter, etc. Then we've followed to devote lots of time on solving the problems like video was jumpy, audio never syncing, unable to get multiple audio tracks and switchable subtitles, chapters couldn't display, blu-ray decryption/transcoding was fail, encoding speed was slow, and so on. Most of our time was wasted over them and we didn't get any satisfactory result, so we still have to search constantly for a really efficient and excellent Blu-Ray Ripping tool. However, with the release of latest version v2.6 of Moyea Blu-Ray Ripper (Mac: Moyea Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac) on April 19, 2010, I'm really persuaded by its comprehensive and powerful functions, advanced/fast Blu-Ray decrypting/decoding/encoding technology, perfect audio/video synchronization, first class after-sale service, and constant research and improvement. I still remembered the first version of Moyea Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac I purchased on Dec 28, 2009, I was really depressed and disappointed by using it, I couldn't load most of my commercial Blu-Ray discs, I couldn't select desired audio track and subtitle language, I couldn't see any chapter marker of Blu-ray movie in the program, but a lot of *.m2ts file in a mess, and I couldn't even backup the full Blu-ray disc structure/content to my PC or hard drive, etc. Then after constant updates, the tool was more and more powerful, which can then let me decrypt and rip my Blu-ray disc with AACS protection above MKBv12, can show me detailed info like codec, language, etc of audio tracks and subtitle, etc. Even today, I update my program for free from Moyea, and use this new version…Whoa, I'm really impressed by its tremendous advance. And I really believe that this Blu-ray Ripper is the last Blu-ray and DVD ripping tool I'll ever used, and so will you. What can the latest version of Moyea Blu-Ray Ripper (for Mac) do for me? 1. Remove all encryption and copy protection from Blu-Ray or DVD. The program is able to removes all encryption, copy protection, region code, BD+, AACS (up to MKBv17 now) on the fly from my Blu-ray or DVD as soon as I load a disc into my drive. The speed of loading Blu-Ray or DVD disc is 10 times faster than before, only takes two or three seconds with the new version. 2. Select any title, chapter, subtitle and audio track of Blu-ray or DVD. When I load my Blu-ray disc or DVD to the program in a second, I'm surprised by the clear chapter list of my movie in right order, I can select any title, chapter or the main movie I want to convert. Then choose the desired audio track and subtitle with English language to display when I play the file. Even if the audio of my Blu-ray is encoded with TrueHD, DTS-HD, Eac3, or DTS, etc, it can easily detect and decode it and then let me encode to AC3, AAC3, MP3, etc. 3. Backup the full Blu-ray disc to hard drive or PC. I can even see a new, simple but useful button (Full Disk Copy in Windows version or DiskCopy in Mac version) in the interface, that is very very helpful for me to backup the entire content/structure (including all files, menus, etc) of a blu-ray disc or DVD to hard drive. And I don't need to do any additional settings, it can be considered as Blu-ray/DVD decrypting process. The speed is so fast (only about one hour for a Blu-ray disc of 30G backup). 4. Convert Blu-Ray to any other format I want. It can help me to rip and convert Blu-ray, DVD movie to any other format like MPEG4, AVI, MKV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MPG, DivX, Xvid, WMV, ASF, VOB, MOV, AAC, AC3, MP3, WMA, 3GP, etc for playing on my media players like iPod, iPhone, Xbox 360, WD TV, Apple TV, HTPC, etc and my newly purchased iPad. 5. Do output settings for different media devices. There is option like Settings, which can let me adjust the output profile parameters like bit rate, resolution, sample rate, frame rate, codec, channel, etc to be suitable for my media devices. I like it, I can use it to let my target files getting smaller or clearer. 6. Edit Blu-ray or DVD movie before conversion. The program can even let me edit my Blu-ray or DVD files. When I want to clip some unwanted parts of the movie, I can use Trim function to clip them. When I need to cut off black tops and bottoms, I can select Crop to cut them off. When I demand to add logo on the videos, I can select Watermark. When I have interest to add special effect, I can click Effect. When I'm eager to remove interlacing artifacts from the M2TS files, I just need to check Deinterlacing, and I know this Deinterlacing checkbox was checked by default in the new version. 7. Get away from audio not syncing issues. Until now, the program works very well, and I'm so pleased with its perfect output image quality and audio/video synchronization. This is a great competitive point over other similar programs I had ever used. This Blu-ray ripping tool is really very excellent and powerful now, and I dare to say it will also be the last Blu-Ray and DVD Ripping tool you'll ever used.

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