Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


AVCHD video files to MKV without quality loss for WDTV

Camcordersare influencing our lives. As more and more camcorders are made, maybe it’s a little difficult for us to recognize which is the best to choose. But to tell the truth, all high-end camcorders have only a little difference. The only problem we often meet is: some devices, such as WDTV, can’t support the broadcasting of AVCHD files shoot by camcorders.

How to solve this problem? Actually, the solution is quite easy: use third-party software to change the format to what you want. Take WDTV as an example.If you have a WDTV and shoot enough videos for your family, when would like to enjoy the videos with your family (Just like the sweet family like the picture shown up), you’d better change the video format from MTS/M2TS to MKV for broadcasting on WDTV, as MKV can keep the original quality of the videos.
Here comes the question: How to change the format?

Aunsoft Final Mate, the best video conversion tool, could lossless output MKV from MTS/M2TS without recode. It means that you can easily change the format to MKV, but the code won’t be changed. So, the quality will be kept and the operate-time will be several seconds.

Another question: How to use this conversion tool?
After downloaded and installed Aunsoft Final Mate, you can just follow the wizard to complete all operations. It’s a real easy-operate software.
1 Import the video files into Final Mate
2 Choose lossless output MKV
3 Export MKV files for broadcasting on WDTV

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