Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Less quality loss burning AVCHD to Blu-ray Disc on Mac with Final Mate and Encore CS5

I have Sony NEX-VG10 to shoot videos in AVCHD format, and I have a Blu Ray player (Panasonic DNP-BD60) connected to my TV. Even though, my iMac provides a 24" display, I prefer watching them on HDTV with the Blu-ray player.

When looking for the straightforward solution without transcoding the footage, I got Final Mate for Mac and Adobe Encore CS5 to complete the process. There is less quality loss when burning AVCHD to Blu-ray Disc on Mac, as no re-encoding is performed at any stage. I used Final Mate to trim and join the m2ts files for lossless output, and then import into Adobe Encore CS5 to author the final blu-ray disk.

Below is the quick guide for you to author Sony NEX-VG10 AVCHD to Blu-ray with no re-encoding for Blu-ray Player.

Step 1. Import AVCHD clips to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.
Aunsoft Final Mate can detect connected camcorder automatically. Here I show the video on my iMac. Go to the Resource tab, click the Add file path button to browse the folder with .m2ts files, and the related files will be listed on the Resource tab.

Step 2. Join M2TS into one file.
As we do not want any re-encoding, we can select multiple files from the Resource tab, drag and drop to timeline. A single movie with several clips will be created for lossless output. To get another single file as a separate chapter for Blu-ray disc, just click the Create New Movie button, drag and drop files to the new movie ID. It is so easy to lossless join m2ts files for blu-ray.

Step 3. Export MTS movie without any loss in quality.
Click the "Export" button, and then the OK button. The Mac lossless M2TS joiner for Blu-ray player and home entertainment will start merging the m2ts files without re-encoding.

Step 4. Import lossless created files to Adobe Encore CS5.
Run Adobe Encore CS5, create menu for the Blu-ray disc, add the m2ts files to timeline, and then got to the Build tab to start burning/authoring the clips to a blank blu-ray disk.

I may also try to author AVCHD DVD with Encore CS5 when needed. Hope you enjoy the AVCHD playback solution for Blu-ray Player at home with no transcoding on Mac.

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