Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Merge/Join MTS Clips - seaming multiple AVCHD MTS files from Sony HDR-XR160 into one single

Most HD camcorders record video files in AVCHD and H.264 video, which presents more flexibility for shooting videos. And now HD camcorders which can record 1080p footages become people favorites. As one of hottest HD camcorder, Sony HDR XR160 owns stunning 1920 x 1080 Full HD video recordings ability. And equipped with a massive 160GB hard disk drive (HDD),camcorder owner can record and store up to 54 hours of high-definition video footage.

But not all recorded AVCHD video clips are presented in a whole file. If you would like to upload recordings to YouTube, it is evitable to merge separated clips into big one for perfect sharing the whole experience. And to retain original 1080p HD video quality, more people prefer to keep its native AVCHD video format.

When you search AVCHD joiner or MTS merger, you will get batch of programs, like TSmuxer, TSsniper. But it is frustrated for Mac users because most of them can only work on Windows platform. Now an efficient HDCam software named Final Mate for Mac offers the one fastest way to join MTS files into big one for further uploading to YouTube.

The following guide shows how to capture directly 1080P AVCHD video files from camcorder to program and merge batch footages into big one with in their native format without re-encoding.

For preparation of merging, please connect Sony HDR XR160 camcorder to your PC via USB cable. And run Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.

Step 1. Capture and import 1080p video files directly from Sony HDR XR160 to Final Mate for Mac
Click “Wizard” and all footages of your camcorder will be showed on the Camcorder window. Then click Next button and choose Import instead of Backup to import Sony XR160 MTS files to Final Mate for Mac more quickly. After this, imported footages will be lying in camcorder tab.

Step 2. Create a Movie for lossless output
Click under the Movies Tab to create or add a new movie. As you can see, this movie generally is a blank movie with nothing. Now please drag and drop camcorder clips you would like to merge to this Movie. Thus, one lossless output Movie is ready for merging Sony HDR XR160 1080p MTS files for Youtube.

If you would like to merge MTS files for lossless output, please make sure that all files you add into one Movie have the same parameters, like Bitrate, Resolution and other parameters. Only in this way, you can join several clips into one without re-encoding and any quality loss.

Step 3. Export native MTS files without re-encoding
Click Export button and click OK to merge MTS video clips into one with keeping its native video format and its original HD quality.

For Windows users, Aunsoft Final Mate is a nice choice to merge HD camcorder MTS files in its native video format without re-encoding.

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