Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Merge/Convert Sony DSC-HX5V AVCHD to ProRes/AIC on Mac for FCP or iMovie

After recording your wedding via HD camcorder, like Sony DSC-HX5V, it is a nice choice to make a shine movie before burn it to a blank DVD for permanent collection. And we know that Sony Cybershot HX5V camcorder is impressed by its perfect performance. It can capture 4:3 aspect ratio images at up to 3,648 x 2,736 pixel resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio images at up to 3,648 x 2,056 pixels, or 60 fields-per-second video at 1080i (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) resolution or below with Dolby Digital stereo audio, using AVCHD compression.

For such AVCHD footages, you can may successfully import them to the latest FCP 7 and iMovie 11 for editing, but if you are still using the old version like FCP 5, FCP 6, iMovie 8, etc on Mac OS X, I recommended you to make a conversion and export ProRes for FCP, AIC for iMovie using a Mac Sony DSC-HX5V AVCHD to ProRes/AIC converter. Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac is recommended to use, it can help you directly capture/import AVCHD footages from Sony DSC-HX5V and then merge/convert to Prores 422 MOV or AIC MOV without rendering on Mac.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to import, merge and convert Sony DSC-HX5V MTS to ProRes/AIC for Final Cut Pro/FCP7/iMovie on iMac/MacBook Pro with Mac OS X like Snow Leopard.

Step 1. Capture videos from camcorder or local machine.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, connect Sony DSC-HX5V AVCHD camcorder to Mac via USB cable. You will face the pop-up message asking you to use camcorder wizard or not. Follow the wizard to import the .mts files without looking into the camcorder folders.
To load video from local machine, just go to the Resource tab and add folder path.

Step 2. Merge Sony DSC-HX5V AVCHD files into one for converison.
Soon after the files are imported, select the files, drag and drop the clips to the movie tab as a single movie for conversion.


Step 3. Convert Sony HX5V MTS files to ProRes/AIC MOV.
Click the Export button and go to the Export into Editor. Go to Final Cut Pro> Apple ProRes 422 HQ (*.mov) for Final Cut Pro or QuickTime Movie Format > Apple Intermediate Codec (*.mov). Click OK to start joining and converting MTS files to ProRes MOV for FCP or AIC MOV.

When the steps are done, you can import the ProRes MOV to FCP or load AIC MOV to iMovie for editing.

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