Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Join/Stitch Canon HF10 multiple .mts clips without conversion to play on TVIX HD M-6500

I have a Canon Vixia HF10 camcorder, which is an excellent compact camera, offering features that few of its rivals can match. It features full 1920 x 1080 HD video.Nowadays I have recorded some videos with Canon HF10, which creates MTS video files. I would like to find a program to download all these MTS video clips from Canon HF10 and merge them into one without change any settings or quality for playing with TVIX HD M-6500 Media Player, it allows you to enjoy the newest Full HD videos and oncoming HD audios.

When I search AVCHD joiner or MTS merger, I get batch of programs, like TSmuxer, TSsniper. But it is frustrated for Mac users because most of them can only work on Windows platform. Then one of my friend recommended to a new software for me named Final Mate for Mac - an efficient HDCam software. It offers the one fastest way to join MTS files into big one for further playing on TVIX 6500 Media Player. Then I download and try it. And I had succeed with the stitch the 50 .mts files and the output one big .mts files without recompression.

The following guide shows how to capture directly Canon HF10 AVCHD .mts video files from camcorder to program and merge batch .mts clips into big one with in their native format without compression for Tvix HD M-6500 media player.

Step 1. Capture and import AVCHD MTS video files directly from Canon Vixia HF10 to Final Mate for Mac.
Click “Wizard” and all footages of your camcorder will be showed on the Camcorder window. Then click Next button and choose Import instead of Backup to import Canon HF10 1920*1080 MTS files to Final Mate for Mac more quickly. After this, imported footages will be lying in camcorder tab.

Step 2. Create a Movie for lossless output.
Click under the Movies Tab to create or add a new movie. As you can see, this movie generally is a blank movie with nothing. Now please drag and drop camcorder clips you would like to merge to this Movie. You can select all files by clicking Ctrl +A, and then drag them to the timeline to merge all these MTS files into one movie easily.Thus, one lossless output Movie is ready for merging Canon HF10 MTS files without conversion.

Step 3. Export native MTS files without re-encoding for TVIX 6500.
Click the "Export" button and you will face the pop-up window for confirming the video output info. And click the OK button to start combining/mergering .mts files into one mts file. One movie will be created as one file as output with keeping its native video format and its original HD quality.

When the merged finish. My next step is to use the merged MTS file and be able to play it on a media player - TVIX 6500. It will be so wonderful not to have to experience a several second pause between each little file and finally watch all of them put together. I have so much home video of my family and this will help organize it better and make it MUCH easier to watch!

For Windows users, Aunsoft Final Mate is a nice choice to merge HD camcorder MTS files in its native video format without re-encoding.

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