Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


Get rid of Joining and Streaming AVCHD MTS to Popcorn Hour No pause/delay between clips

I purchased Sony CX700 for shooting family videos. When looking into the files, there are a lot of files with different folders. I got multiple files when taking the mother's day video, as I clicked the pause button on camcorder. I plugged the SD card to Popcorn Hour A-210, and it plays pretty good, expect that there is about 4-second delay when it goes to another clip.

I first used tsmuxer to join a few clips at around 2GB, and put to my Netgear as NAS, and played with Popcorn Hour. But I find the video glitches and freezes. I was recommended to use Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac on my iMac running Leopard with Intel processor. It really helps me get rid of video glitching problem in the joined movie. What I do is import the mts files from camcorder, drag and drop the files for the same occasion, and then the large file is ready.

Follow the guide below, and you will find it as easy as a piece of cake to play recorded movie with no delay/pause playing mts clips on Popcorn Hour A-210.

Step 1. Import AVCHD clips to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac as the AVCHD joiner for Popcorn Hour, and you can capture videos from the camcorder connected to Mac, or browse video collections from Mac hard drive. As we have videos on Mac hard drive now, jsut click the Resource tab, click the "Add file path" and browse the folder with .mts files.

Step 2. Join Sony MTS clips into a large movie.
Click the "Create New Movie" button in the Movies section, and a lossless movie will be created. Just select .mts files for one occasion, drag and drop to the movie tab short clips to the new movie ID. The files will be merged as a single movie. To get another large file with different event, you can repeat the operations in this step.

Step 3. Export MTS for Popcorn Hour.
Click the "Export" button, and then the OK button. The Mac lossless MTS joiner for Popcorn Hour will start combining short clips without delay/pause keeping the original format.

The file will be joined within seconds. You can then stream and play AVCHD from NAS to Popcorn Hour without delay.

If you are running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, just try the windows version of Aunsoft Final Mate to enjoy videos on your Popcorn Hour A110, A210, and even media players like Xtreamer Pro, Dune Player, TVIX, AC Ryan PlayOn.

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