Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Burn/Create Canon 1080i MTS to DVD after editing in Final Cut Express

As a fine follow-up to last year's M3xx series, the Canon Vixia M4xx series should attract most of family-video-oriented videographers. Three of Canon VIXIA HF M400/M40/M41 consist of identical models , like the same HD CMOS Pro sensor. And the only real difference between the 3 models is the storage format and storage space. The M400, has no built-in memory, the M40 adds 16GB, and the M41 adds another 16GB.

For HD camcorder owners, the most concerned point is its quality of video recordings. Actually all 3 models record high definition footage at 1080/60i @ 24, 17 Mbps for the ultimate in image quality. But when you tried to edit 1080/60i MTS video files in Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro, you will get a negative surprise because its impossibility of editing in these Mac editing software.

This article shows my experience of editing Canon Vixia M400 1080/60i MTS files in FCE with the best quality and then burn the HD video to a blank DVD via iDVD.

The third party program I used is Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac which has a perfect performance in re-encoding Canon Vixia M400 1080/60i MTS files to FCE friendly codec-Apple Intermediate Code (AIC). (This is the first program I have ever seen which owns AIC video output.) The following is how I manipulated Final Mate for Mac to merge recorded clips and export AIC MOV video.

1. Capture 1080/60i MTS files from Canon Vixia M400 to Mac Final Mate without copying to Macbook.
Connect Canon Vixia M400 to my Macbook via USB cable and then run Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac . Click Wizard and the Camcorder window with all footages will be shown. This time just click Next button and choose Import instead of Backup to load 1080/60i MTS files more quickly from Canon Vixia M400 to Final Mate for Mac.
If you have stored Canon Vixia M400 MTS recordings in hard drive, just go to the Resource tab and add folder path.

2. Create a Movie for converting M400 1080/60i MTS files to AIC for FCE.
Just select one or multiple video files you would like to convert and then drag and drop them to Movie tab. In this way, a Movie for conversion will be created.

3.  Export AIC video for further importing and editing in FCE.
Click the Export button and go to the Export into Editor. Click iMovie and Final Cut Express option and choose Apple intermediate Codec AIC (*.mov) as the output video format. Finally click OK to start joining and converting MTS files to AIC MOV for smoother importing and editing in FCE.

This is my nice experience of burning FCE editing Canon M400 footages to DVD. Hope you get something useful from this article.

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