Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Frame accuracy Cut and Join MTS/M2TS with losssless output - Frame by frame

Do you face the problem that with some editing software, which supports AVCHD input, the cutting is not frame accurate? For example, the first frame is not the one you split/cut on the editing software. Or the video and audio are out of sync from some applications? You need a frame accurate MTS/M2TS video cutter/joiner to keep the files in high quality without conversion.

Aunsoft Final Mate provides not only GOP trimming, but also frame accurate video cutting on Windows to help camcorder users get the expected video content. The new camcorder wizard will detect videos from camcorder automatically for faster importing files.

Below is the quick step-by-step guide to cut AVCHD videos from Panasonic TM700 on Aunsoft Final Mate, and keep files unaltered with lossless output.

Step 1. Capture videos from camcorder.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as AVCHD frame accurate cutter without recoding, connect Panasonic TM700 to PC via USB cable. You will face the pop-up message asking you to use camcorder wizard or not. If you do not get the message, just click the Wizard button. Click Yes, you will face the window like below. Click Next and get the window with .mts or .m2ts files listed.

Select some files and click Start, you will be asked to create a single movie or one movie for each file.

Step 2. Merge files into one with no conversion.
Click the Add movie button, and a movie for lossless output will be created by default. Select the files you would like to join into one file from the Camcorder tab, drag and drop to the movie.

Step 3. Cut AVCHD in frame accuracy.
Click on the timeline for the timepoint you want to cut the video. Alternatively, you can use the Goto option to enter the timepoint.
Play the video and pause at the frame to split video. The Previous Frame button and the Next Frame button will help you position the right frame for cutting.

Click the scissor icon as the Split button, then click on the segment on timeline you want to remove, and click the Delete button to get the content you want on timeline.

Step 4. Lossless output without re-encoding.
Click the Export button. As there is no video for conversion, just click the OK button for lossless output.

The lossless output will be finished in a few seconds or minutes. Try it yourself for the fast AVCHD joining and cutting with frame-by-frame position without recoding.

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