Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


DVD Converter Discount Counpon - Save 20% OFF

It is everything you need to rip your DVD movies and convert DVD IFO, ISO, VOB, TiVo, FLV to MP4, MKV DTS to MKV AC3 your video files on Mac OS for Galaxy S, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad , Apple TV,Apple TV 2,  Droid X,Blackberry, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, iRiver, Creative Zen, Archos, PMP, Smart Phone, Pocket PC, PDA, cell phone, MP4 Player, MP3 player, and many other video and audio players. Aunsoft DVD Ripper provides various practical features such as settings for video brightness, contrast, saturation, selecting DVD subtitle and audio track, trimming DVD and video, and merging selected files into one file and so on.

  • Remove CSS, region code (RPC), analogue copy protection (Macrovision) from DVDs.
  • Full disk (1:1) copy and backup the entire DVD disc to PC hard drive.
  • Choose DVD audio track (language) and subtitle (language) for output file.
  • Maintain original video quality and convert at fast speed.
  • Edit DVD video with trimming, cropping, watermark, filter effect.
  • Remove black borders of DVD movie to fill in full screen with Crop function.
  • Hard burn DVD subtitles to output file for enjoying on portable devieces.
  • Freely set output format codec, bitrate, framerate, samplerate, channels.
  • Convert 4:3 letterboxed DVD to 16:9 video file.

Aunsoft will discount DVD Video Converter as low as $29.9 on Next Tuesday (Feb 22, 2011), please don't miss it!

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