Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


2011 Best Valentine video software for HD Camcorder - Aunsoft Final Mate

What is your surprise on 2011 Valentine's Day for your beloved? Aunsoft Studio has listed 6 low-cost but remarkable valentine gifts for your preferences.

Making a romantic valentine video would take some time. But if you have an outline about how to show your love, it could be down within an hour. If you do not have any videos and would like to show the honey photos, take it easy as valentine videos could also be made from photos. Windows Movie Maker would help you make the photos into video. Below is the fast guide for you.

Part I. Romantic Valentine video
Step 1. Pick a video.
The video could be a memory of you both, or the 2011 New Year celebration from your camcorder. No videos available now? Take your camcorder and prepare a short statement to your beloved.

Step 2. Edit videos with your favorite software.
IImport the videos to your video editing software to create your movie, e.g. Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Editstudio 6, Sony Vegas Pro. If you find that your video is not supported by your video editing software like Movie Maker, just try Aunsoft Final Mate to make the AVCHD/MTS/M2TS/TOD/MOD videos compatible with Movie Maker. Aunsoft provides 50% discount for this valentine camcorder video software. Check for more information.

Part II. Valentine video with photos
Step 1. Make video with photos.
Run Windows Movie Maker to import your honey photos. Add transitions for each gap of the photos, add your narration or favorite love song as audio. Then export as video Windows Media format (*.wmv) or DV AVI.

Step 2. Put the videos to external drive of HDTV or portable devices.
If your HDTV and devices support playing .wmv files, that would be great. Otherwise, you need to convert the valentine videos to other formats like .mpg. mp4 and the like. Aunsoft Video Converter is the recommended 2011 best valentine video converter for you to play videos on any devices and even HDTV.

Hope the above tips give you some clue for your 2011 Valentine's Day. Your romantic Valentine's Day could be creative.

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