Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
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Backup/rip/Copy Kids Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD Movies to Hard Drive

The family who owns a kid is sure to have lots of Kid’s Disney/Pixar Blu-ray + DVD movies. Some movies may easily destroyed by your naughty children. So all the kid's Blu-ray DVDs (Disney/Pixar) are ones that are "beat on" the most and are the ones that need to be backed up. Using a great Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD Backup and Ripper to copy or rip all Kid’s Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD movies to hard drive is the first thing you need to do.

Aunsoft BLU-RAY DVD Ripper is a Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD decrypter and Backup tool that can decrypt Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD movie protection and backup BLU-RAY DVD to computer hard drive as BLU-RAY DVD folder. It can keep the same sound & video quality when you backup your Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD movies with all the special features, menus, subtitles, and languages included. Within a few clicks of your mouse, your favorite Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD movies has been cloned and will be playable on your computer just like the original with free media players like SMPlayer, The KMPlayer and VLC Media Player.

Follow the steps below to backup/rip/copy Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD movies to PC hard drive.
MKB V1 ~ MKB V20 Blu-ray Discs

Step 1. Download and install Aunsoft Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD Movies Ripper. Insert the Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD disc to Blu-ray-Rom as the source file. Click the Blu-ray/DVD Rom button to load the entire Blu-ray DVD disc.

Step 2. Click Full Disk Copy to copy/backup Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD movies. (The trial version has a limitation of letting you Full Disk Copy Blu-ray DVD movie for 3 times, if you want to copy more than 3 times, please order the retail version.)

Step 3. Start Full Disk Copy your Kid’s Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD Movies to PC hard drive.

After you clicked “Full Disk Copy”, and the full copy from Kid’s Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD movie to PC hard drive starts immediately. Just wait for a while, and the Kid’s Disney/Pixar BLU-RAY DVD Movie Copy can finish full copy from Kid’s Disney/Pixar Blu-ray DVD movie to PC hard drive for you with the best quality.

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