Aunsoft vs iphone 4

Aunsoft vs iphone 4
video to iphone 4


The Ultimate Way to Backup Avatar Blu-ray Discs or Movies

Aunsoft Studio launched Blu-ray Ripper V 1.0 on 23, May, 2010, confirming that this software has done a good job in removing copy protection, AACS, region code and even strongest BD+ protection from commercial Blu-ray discs or movies like Avatar. “It is the first as well as biggest breakthrough for us.” Jack, president of Aunsoft Studio, announced. Since the publish of Avatar Blu-ray disc, many people have been trying to find a way to defeat the latest BD+ Copy protection technology adopted by Avatar, but in vain. However, the R&D elite of Aunsoft Studio do not give up the opportunity and got the success after day and nights’ efforts. Without the third-party software, Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper will support Avatar automatically. As it predicted that this unique feature will benefit a lot of users, even for those who want to backup Avatar to a Blu-ray disc or portable devices for personal entertainment. For example, if someone himself wants to burn a Blu-ray disc for movie backup, he can easily decrypt the copy protection from orginal Blu-ray disc with Aunsoft apps and then use a free-of-charge burning tool. Also, it is a great pleasure to rip Blu-ray movies to iPad or Android smartphone for enjoying. Aunsoft has been dedicating to the user experience and striving to take the excellences while discarding the dregs. Download Blu-ray Ripper V 1.0

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